Special taxi service (door to door)

The organizer of the conference offers a taxi service from Budapest Ferihegy Airport and from Wien Schwechat Airport to Veszprém. From the Budapest Airport (145 km - approximately 90 miles) the travel costs 27.800 HUF for 3 persons, from the Wien Airport (190 km - 119 miles) it costs 40.000 HUF. If you wish to use this service, the taxi will take you from the airport to your accommodation in Veszprém.

The price to be paid for one person depends upon the number of passengers travelling together.

Depending on the flight schedules the organizer is trying to arrange this service to transport several participants together. In order to ensure this service, please send your flight schedule and we will inform you about the amount of money to be paid as soon as possible.

Public bus transport to Veszprém

NOTE: you can only pay by HUF (Hungarian Forint) on public transport vehicles. Currently the central rate of 1 Euro is 240 HUF (26th Sept, 2008).

In order to travel to Veszprém from the Ferihegy Airport you have to go to the Budapest bus station called ‘Népliget’ (Step #1), where you have to get on a bus travelling to Veszprém (Step #2).

Step #1 – From Ferihegy Airport to bus station ‘Népliget’

  • take bus no. 200E (Airport Bus) to the terminal (K